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Recreational Sit-In Double Kayaks :: Safe, stable and heaps of fun

Recreational Sit In Doubles

Guess what, we've reached the end of the interrogation! Basically we have narrowed it down to just a few sit-in recreational doubles available on our floor. To get to these few we have tried and tested a wide range of doubles available in the market including Sprites, Wanderers, Dolphins, Loons etc. and these below have come out trumps for various reasons.

C-Kayak works hard to bring you the best brands at the best prices. If you can find a stocked item at a better price anywhere in Australia then we'll gladly better it by 5%.

RTM Brio (3.95m)

brio kayak - The RTM Brio is an exceptionally well priced and stable double kayak with high back seats and small third seat in the middle for an optional child passenger. The Brio is an ideal choice if you do not have substantial storage requirements and are looking for a well priced kayak that is smaller than the DAG Freeland (see below).

Dagger Drifter II (3.98m)

drifterII - The Drifter II is a popular double recreational kayak. Its tapered bow and stern ensure that it tracks well (goes straight) and is fast, efficient and manoeuvrable. To paddle it as a single simply move the front seat towards the back and away you go.

Hurricane Santee 140 T (4.3m)

santee tandem kayak - The Santee 140 T is one of a new breed of kayaks. Made of thermoformed trylon plastic the Santee Tandem offers a lightweight yet durable double kayak, a combination not possible in Polyethylene or composites (fibreglass etc.). It is definately the lightest double sit in kayak on the market (23kg). The Santee 140T has a bulkhead for dry storage and like all Hurricane kayaks it has a high gloss finish and super comfortable seat with adjustable backrest.

D.A.G. Freeland (4.6m)

freeland kayak - The Freeland is a large open cockpit double, capable of taking two adults and two kids. The Freeland boasts a dry storage compartment with bulkhead and extra high back support for added comfort. Pricewise the Freeland is very competitive and therefore our best selling recreational double.
It comes with or without a rudder.

We hope that this interactive guide has been useful to you and that you realize that we are dedicated to ensuring that you get the right kayak for your specific needs. We suggest that your next step should be to pop into one of our kayak stores where one of our qualified staff will be able to assist you with any further questions that you might have and also help you choose the most appropriate gear and accessories for your needs and budget.

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