Dry Bags (3 sizes)

Very useful kayaking accessory for keeping keys, mobile phone, food, clothing or other gear dry.
These dry bags are super tough so won't tear or puncture easily, and have a clear strip so that you can see what's in them.
  Storage   Barrels (4 Sizes)

If you prefer rigid storage then the barrels are a great way of keeping your gear dry.
Some will fit in the well of your SOT kayak, others will fit onto the rear deck of your sea kayak.
  Kayak Bags - Heavy Duty (3 sizes)

Very durable canvas storage bags to protect your kayak from sun, dirt and scratches.
Especailly useful for those people who wish to store theit kayak outside or under the house.
Opening flap and tension straps allow for a range of kayak sizes to fit snugly inside the bag.
Available in three sizes, covering everything from 2.6m to 5.4m
  Storage   Kayak Stretch Cover (Made to fit)

Similar to surfboard stretch covers, the kayak stretch cover provides immediate protection from sun and scratches.
Made to order based on the length of your kayak.

Cute little waterproof pouch for your mobile phone, i-pad or other electronic gadgets.
  Storage   Seals Deck Bag - Contoured

Very handy storage bag for carrying gear on top of your kayak. Contoured to fit the shape of most kayaks, with bungie hooks for easy attachment and a zipper for easy access.
  Deck Mesh Bag

Storage bag for carrying gear on top of your kayak.
Comes with bungie hooks for easy attachment and a zipper for easy access.
  Storage   Wall Racks (folding)

Set of wall racks suitable for carrying kayaks up to 30kg, plus paddle holder.
Easy to install (5 to 10 minutes)
To save space the rack can also be folded flat against the wall when not in use.
Comes with screws, wall brackets and padded rubber sheath to protect your kayak from scratches.
  Wall Racks Padded

Larger, padded wall racks suitable for bigger kayaks, and more sensitive constructions such as fibreglass
  Storage   Wall Slings

The wall slings serve the same purpose (to hang your kayak on the wall) but do not protrude, and lie basically flat when not in use.
  Kayak Stand (folding)

Very uesful, foldable stand.
Great for storing the kayak in the shed or in the garage without damaging the hull.
Also great as a work bench for your kayak while you undertake cleaning, customisation or repairs.