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West Gosford Kayak Retail Introducing C-Kayak Australia Pty Ltd, our major kayak canoe warehouse bringing the world of Kayaking to West Gosford on the Central Coast.

Offering the widest selection of kayaks on the Central Coast, the C-Kayak Australia Pty Ltd warehouse has over 200 square meters of showroom floor space plus another 600 square meters of warehouse stock. The West Gosford store boasts our full range of over 130 kayak models under one roof, including top brands, D.A.G., Barracuda, Dagger, Hurricane, Riot, Ocean Kayak, EXO, Old Town, Point 65'N, RTM, Robson and Cobra.

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West Gosford Kayaks

West Gosford Kayak sales Driving through the Central Coast from the east along the busy Manns Road in West Gosford you can hardly miss our colourful C-Kayak Australia Pty Ltd sign.

Just past the Bunnings Warehouse traffic lights (coming from the South) turn left into Carnavan Rd, or (coming from the North) turn right into Carnavan Rd just before the speed camera. Then turn left into Marstan Close and you’ll see our overhead sign on the left.

Welcome to our World of Kayaking

West Gosford Kayak sale When you visit our West Gosford store for the first time you’ll realize that you’re not just entering another kayak shop but rather a ‘world of kayaking’ experience. With water features, continuous playing kayaking DVD’s and amazing range of kayaks you WILL be impressed!

The true value of the West Gosford kayak warehouse becomes apparent when you couple what the store has on display in terms of extensive kayak range, qualified kayak instructors at your service, great atmosphere and massive floor space together with best prices.

We will help you fall in love with this amazing sport, if you haven’t already.

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Kayaking on The Central Coast

Each year more people are taking to kayaking, and it’s no wonder since it is such a magnificent sport. With its abundance of waterways, beautiful beaches and holiday atmosphere, the Central Coast is becoming an ever increasing popular destination for Sydney-siders and interstate visitors, kayakers in particular.

Only an hour North of Sydney you will find C-Kayak Australia Pty Ltd, overlooking the busy Manns Road in West Gosford. Look out for our bright C-Kayak Australia Pty Ltd sign, you can hardly miss us. We’d love to welcome you into our World of Kayaking.

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